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The main casts in Pinocchio are well matched, but the main casts in Healer are mismatched. I was so happy when she and Lee Min Ho were dating. I sincerely hope they have another chance at it in the future. To all the haters, stop trolling around , you know you love her, bunch of hypocrites, you go around dropping all this stupid comments. She's very pretty and i like her personality she could be cute, pretty, feminine etc.If they were aired by the same station, we could've already named the winner. Guys, leave your comment on Min Young's upcoming drama "Healer" Asian Wiki page as well. I am truly awaiting Healer starring Park Min Young, Ji Chang Wook and Yoo ji tae. If u r anything like your charactor in city hunter in real, u deserve every happiness in the world. but she can get along with guys with no akward situation..i wish to see her in more new dramas.i want one of her co-main starts in sungkyunkwan scandal to be his leading man in future.maybe a comedy romance with joong ki?

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Among my favorite dramas, Min Young is in three of them: Healer, City Hunter, and Remember. I like her role in city hunter ,healer,and remember specially.... I do like this actress in drama "Healer", but I don't like her in "Remember" I just hate her hairstyle in "Remember." Why does she need to have THAT wig. I am watching "Remember" only because of Namgung Min. Glad to have your character in this story-line and plot. you also show bubbliness in the way you laugh amd smile. xx.min young is really great actress specially in healer i really like her acting in iam sam she so cute..unnie fighting im always support you you deserve to be a best actress in korea.Cult favorite K-dramaleads Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung have confirmed their breakup after about 6 months of dating, not terribly surprising since they are both still quite young and also quite busy with their acting careers to juggle an early stage relationship that requires a lot of nurturing to maintain.