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And I immediately knew what I liked the best about Annabeth tonight: She was happy.It was nice seeing her laughing again, considering last summer things had gotten a little bad with Luke's supposed death, and Annabeth's prophecy.As I stood next to Paul, serving myself a glass of punch, I heard familiar footsteps down the hall, and my head rose in time to see someone appear in the door way, and stop at sight of me. "Annabeth."A few more heads rose to Annabeth's direction as her shimmering red outfit stood out. I could easily say that Annabeth looked almost ten times better than all the other girls at the party who had draped their faces in Makeup. she didn't need to."Hey Seaweed Brain." She showed off her smile as she walked towards me.And I was completely shocked."A-An-Annabeth," I stuttered. you're wearing a dress."She seemed to look down quickly, as if embarrassed. yeah, well, you can blame your mom for that, Seaweed Brain. And I never thought I'd catch you alive in a suit either, Percy."I blinked. amazing."There was silence for a minute, and I could immediately feel my face burning up from my stupid comment.Celebrities like Zach Clayton, Diamond White, Rio Mangini and more revealed which their current crushes.Which girl group member jokingly said that Justin Bieber's song "Mistletoe" was written about her, and who wanted to give Ariana Grande a mistletoe kiss?

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Can a small green plant sort things out between percy and Annabeth? You see, it was Christmas Eves, and my mom had been planning this huge party right here in our apartment. "Argus is dropping us off one by one, from camp," he explained "Chiron used special mist manipulation so that monsters won't sense all of us here at once.""So you knew about this and didn't tell me?Thinking back, I could remember two months ago when Rachel told me she was entering this huge Art competition - she had been working on a huge sculpture that I had helped her out with a couple of times for more than two months – and, judging by Rachel's smile, I was willing to bet that she might have gotten the results back today."You won? " she yelped, and without letting me get another word in, she crashed me with a big bear hug."That's great, Rachel," I said when she pulled away.