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23-Jan-2018 02:12

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Here's the relevant part of the blog entry: When you call someone who is a Skype Prime call provider, and you both have the new version of Skype, the provider can initiate what we call a “payment request”.

The Service Provider Terms of Service actually goes into more details...Skype charges the paying side via their Skype credit, and then pays the money out, minus a 30% fee, via paypal (Skype’s sister company).Like Ether, which launched last year (and charges just 15% or the gross fees generated), this will be a very useful service for certain types of consultants.Unlike Ether, Skype Prime starts with a huge installed base of users, and works cross-border.

You can also say that both companies stole the idea from the old 976 pay-per-call numbers.If I create a Skype Prime service, how can others find that?

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