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21-Jul-2017 06:34

Importantly, by being straightforward with your partner, you can work together to come up with compromises, and by doing so, the your connection will be that much stronger.It’s important to continue on this path of truthfulness and sincerity with your partner.” A Surrendered Single doesn’t have to look for Mr. In her popular workshops, Laura Doyle has taught thousands of accomplished women...Laura highly recommends online dating and finds that her clients have the greatest success on Sign up for or renew your subscription here and get a free coaching call with a certified Lifelong Romance Coach.

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To see how your attitude and dating practices are affecting your success in the romance arena, take this quiz and learn what simple changes might change your luck with love.However, you shouldn’t be afraid to tell your partner how you’re actually feeling.Instead of leaving subtle hints, commit to having an honest conversation.Even if situations arise when you’re tempted to fib, or avoid certain topics altogether, these choices in the short-term will only hurt you in the long run.

If you commit to keeping your communication levels high, the success of your relationship will be high as well.

The lines of communication between the two of you are open, and by being completely engaged in what your partner is expressing and staying in the moment, you’re able to truly listen to one another.

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