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It would be hard for me to say enough great things about this program, so I won’t try. “The Blueprint” is four days worth of Tyler lecturing in a convention hall. Good practical advice bubbles to the surface, as well.

The material on un-stifling yourself is as good as gold, the sort of thing that will lead you to live your life out loud, and find more enjoyment and fulfillment in all aspects of it.

There are a few quick exercises on state which you can use right before walking into a club which will help put you in the right mindset.

But really, understand that this course isn’t about pickup lines or routines. Thats a recurring theme with RSD – not for nothing is another one of their programs called “Transformations” – 12 disc series not on how to sound like a pickup artist, but how to turn yourself into one at the core level.

Bootcamps can be expensive, but they are often worth it if you need a kick-in-the-pants to get started or don’t have wings you trust to offer you solid feedback on your technique.

But the core of what RSD offers is really and truly their foundational programs: “Foundations,” “Transformations” and, most importantly, “The Blueprint.” These are deep, sophisticated programs that can’t help but improve your game if you study them, and are willing to work.

Real Social Dynamics is the pick up artist training company founded by Tyler Durden.

A lot of young pickup artists hear that name and move on.

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Tyler withdrew himself from the community for a time, and did a lot of research into human behavior and evolutionary psychology.There can’t be anything to learn from that guy, right? Tyler Durden has patched things up with Style and Mystery (they’ve appeared on each other’s interview series, and joke about their various shenanigans during the time covered in “The Game”) and has matured quite a bit.Not only that, but Real Social Dynamics has become one of the few major companies really looking for new angles, to expand the knowledge base of pickup, rather than just regurgitate the same basic ideas.He went back into the field just to observe, to try to discover the fundamental truths underlying the techniques that all the major schools of pickup were teaching.

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And when he came back, he produced, “The Blueprint, Decoded,” which is one of the deepest, most sophisticated, most important works of pickup material created to date. What there is, instead, is deep, thorough analysis of the core personality principles which attract women, and how to develop them in yourself.

If I could bottle my friend’s attitude and sell that to you I would definitely make a fortune.

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