Get demon wind shuriken naruto dating sim

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Name: Kebuki Age: 14Gender: Male Secret Technique: Sage Jutsu(taught by goats)Jutsu/s: Gyuki-Ken(Earth Fists)Attacks: He fights like Asuma. Bio (opt.): Kebuki was found on the front of the Cave of Koyagi.There he lived and trained with the goat sages, and mastered Sage Mode.He wheres a Navy blue hoodie, and a navy blue beanie with a metal plate with the village symbol on it. These goat ears are so sharp the pierce threw his beanie.He has long bangs almost entirely covering up his forehead, which is huge by the way. Catchphrase (opt.): There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs. Crush (opt.): A girl on his two man squad named Sona. Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals): He wishes to fight his sensei one day.All changes when obito gains hede of the new visual jutsu yarungun and kills Kyru to show Yaru what the world is and its pain, he goes ape shi killing obitos henchlings as obito flees.Yaru drops Kyrus body off on a raft and pushes her into the ocean because they loved the ocean.

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Granted to those who are masters of water (kinda like gaara with his sand) making it possible to read opposing enemies blood since it consists of water and copy their special techniques such as kekegenkie (butchered that spelling haha) Jutsu/s: lightning and ice (water wind)Attacks: manipulates water and turns it into ice to create weapons Bio (opt.): Special born child of the small now extinct Aburishi clan, clan born when a senju and uchiha fell in love during the warring states.She has short black hair, and a sash with the village symbol on it. Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'): His main enemy is the terrorist organization, Korosusutā.

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