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That involves a significant degree of cognitive-emotional (computational) complexity on both sides.The sex-dolls anticipated so eagerly by the porn-market have not even the beginnings of such complexity.There wouldn’t be any meeting of minds here—not even in the sense of hostile disagreements. But engagement at a very shallow level: taking up time, effort, and concentration, and maybe attended by hope or dismay.But the hope and dismay would be all on the side of the person. A dog, or a teddy-bear, knows nothing of that either—although the dog may sense that its owner is upset, and may even offer some cuddling comfort.

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And perhaps they would alter their own behaviour accordingly.But do we really want – and need – artificial companionship? WE BELONG TO EACH OTHER3 February 2017, 18.40 –19.00 & 20.10 –20.30Lecture Hal, The British Academy Dr David Short, academic and translator, introduces (1920), a classic of science fiction.