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19-Aug-2017 17:23

However, Nelly supposedly broke up with Ashanti earlier this month after finding out that she had allegedly had an affair with producer Chink Santana in 2005.Now as Tonya, the ex-girlfriend of Rashad (played by rapper T."I think it's really important to know yourself and understand what you want and get it.I'm in a different place right now." While both the "Rock With U" singer and the "Just a Dream" rapper kept their decade-long relationship breakup pretty under wraps, it does sound like the 34-year-old is ready to move on with her life. Not saying that you don't up here, but that's not what I'm accustomed to. Is it an on-and-off situation because you're not good at cutting people if they don't hurt you, personally? I feel like what he does best is tell those stories, and it's nothing to him. I look at it as, Okay, I didn't say I was done. " Sometimes, because I'm from where I'm from, I do just be quiet and go about my way, and I thought that would be enough to show motherfuckers what it is. I like open roads, I like to drive, and it may not be as fast, but it's definitely a place where you get to appreciate a lot more. I think other people are looking at it as a comeback, but I look at it as a career. You think the four albums was flukes, motherfucker? You're telling me that four albums before that, 35 million records was flukes. I don't even want to play no more."Complex: Has the rap audience has been too fickle? Not smacking motherfuckers in the face saying, "This is what I do! But when it comes home, I'm a Midwest, South type of dude. Only one king comes out, but the next year, the other team isn't saying, "Fuck it, I'm done. [] I try to do it sometimes in my music, don't get it twisted, but that's just not me to step up on the stage and say, "Look at me." I grew up playing team sports. Is that something you went for or that's just how it happened? Sometimes as an artist when things come easy to you, you look for other avenues that are more challenging to you and you try to walk those lanes. But I don't know what to expect because it's been a minute since I been out like that. People have hyped me up so much that they know I'm gonna sell so much, that if I don't sell that much it's going to be looked upon as a failure. I think that the only way you can maintain that is to just do what you do.

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That compared to Nelly numbers is considered not winning, but that's only considered not winning compared to Nelly numbers. Do you see them and their success and think, "They're a little bit indebted to me." Not like you're throwing shots, just a feeling that you helped make that style acceptable. That's for the critics that critique what everybody else is doing.

Louis rapper's single "Just A Dream" is currently sitting at No. Complex: Well, I think one of the reasons there's been this reaction to "Just A Dream" is because it's taking people back to 2002. I don't even want to set myself up for that shit. I think this works best for me because this is what allowed me to succeed the first time I came out. " You ever hear someone hype something up so bad and when you taste it, you're like, "There's no way this taste is gonna live up to how bad they hyped this up." I think that's what's happened to me over my career. I mean whether I get the credit or not, it don't matter. " And that's something that we've been able to maintain. Whatever, whenever, or however, that's going to be something that we're going to do and we're going to judge.

7 on the Billboard Hot 100, and his upcoming album Complex: Why do you still live in St. It fits into this new era, but it calls on a lot of your really successful past records. I know we've had success so far with the singles that we released, especially with the "Just A Dream" single doing as well as it's been doing. It's because people weren't checking for me and it's like now, people weren't checking for me. It's my own fault, but it's due to my own success. It's not going to be manipulated by outside people looking in, who don't even know what the fuck is going on.

Just a couple of weeks after breaking up with his longtime girlfriend, Ashanti, Nelly has moved on with Tae Heckard.

The 38-year-old rapper and the 32-year-old singer had been dating for almost a decade, but never really confirmed the relationship despite constantly being photographed together.

Ain't nothing like being in the club and your song comes up. Sure, I could go in a club and they could rock an hour of Nelly songs and motherfuckers are still gonna dance and party, but you wanna be in the now and know that it's working, you know?