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20-Nov-2017 11:38

(l_cnt l_array_size-1) ); 44 45 fetch c bulk collect into l_record.empno, l_record.ename, ....l_record.empno.count 53 loop 54 Quo To Pur Days( l_record.empno(i), l_record.ename(i), ....Animals Movies Reading books Films Poetry Aerobics Swimming Travelling Cats Classic music Reading books Films Basketball Aerobics Swimming Travelling Dogs Movies Reading books Films Climbing Aerobics Swimming Travelling Dogs Classic music Reading books Films Poetry Soccer Films Travelling A lot depends on the first meeting.As a rule those are the most nervous minutes between you and the woman.The code is something like DECLARE CURSOR c1 IS SELECT cust_id FROM x_temp; l_custid NUMBER; l_varob NUMBER; l_cnt NUMBER := 0; l_objid NUMBER; BEGIN for i in c1 loop begin l_cnt := l_cnt 1; select blah blah into l_custid from x_cust where cust_id = c1.cust_id; update x_cust blah blah; exception when no_data_found then begin select obj_id into l_objid from x_obj where blah blah; update x_cust; exception when no_data_found then blah blah; end; when others then update x_temp; end; if l_cnt = 5000 then commit; l_cnt := 0; end if; end loop; END; / I have to process row by row and there are 1 million rows.

Unlike most chat sites and Chatroulettle cams sites, Random Chat implemented no registration policy.However I would appreciate an example (or assistance to get my procedure working) as I can always use it for updates of other tables.i.e single record processing takes same amount of time as buld processing.

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