Dating upperclassmen

24-Sep-2017 05:00

The process lasts for six days and is broken up into four rounds and ‘bid’ day, according to the University’s Panhellenic website.

Round one lasts for two days and each potential new member — or PNM — will go to each of the 17 sorority houses for 20 minutes.

But it’s never too late for upperclassmen to join a sorority.

“Probably around 200 upperclassmen rush each year,” said Claudia Shamp, the director of the the Greek Life Office.

The PNMs learn about each sorority’s philanthropy, both locally and nationally. Each girl has the opportunity to go to as many as three sorority houses that become their “preferential houses” or “prefs” for short.

Girls stay at each house for 50 min and each house presents what it means to be a sister in the house and what they offer. The girls come together and learn about what house they become a part of.

Out of that about 1,100 pledged, according to data from the GLO.

Ross Bolen, the director of content for Total Frat and the author of the TFM book.

You know when you go to the movie theater (alone) or dine out (…alone..) or walk along the streets of any city (……forever alone...), and you feel like the world has abandoned you cold and left you on the streets to die a bachelor/bachelorette? It's just that you come across those special moments you want to share with someone other than your friends or family. Perhaps you're one of the luckier ones and fate has lobbied hard on your behalf to bring you to your significant other when you least expected it to happen.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with doing these things by yourself or with friends. But the way we find it can be infinitely different.

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Whatever it is, we're constantly searching for a partner.

GLO is releasing the application for recruitment for the fall 2013 semester Friday.