Dating game tips men

10-Oct-2017 23:32

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If the first date when great and you’re ready for number two – ask them.

I think it’s funny that people have all these formulas about how many days they should wait to call a girl after a first date, when really if you enjoyed your time, communicate that as soon as you are ready.

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I maybe should started with this point, but I’m going to end with it because it’s the most important one. The key to your dating success and future marriage rests on you being a REAL MAN. You talk about women respectfully and not degradingly in your circle of friends. Job said it his way, “I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully upon a woman.” You keep yourself in check by not looking at pornography and in turn, you change your view of women.

I specifically dressed cute that day because I was looking forward to seeing him. I don't want a man that cuts me a down and can't compliment me!