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08-Oct-2017 08:35

(If you’re looking for breakup advice, you better hold your horses for the next issue of Better Together! Are you pulling batteries from the remote control to put into your vibrator?) Without any further ado, here you go: Hey anyone want a little girl-on-girl culture … Well you’re not gonna get any if you don’t have your pants on. Have you gotten over the giant hurdle of learning how to meet people/women? Are you developing irrational jealousy towards people who are having sex while also feeling stressed out and tense when you think about finding a hookup of your own?

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I figured out I was Bisexual when I was in sixth grade when I realized that while other girls thought women were beautiful but didn’t necessarily find themselves attracted to them like I did.Before you jump ahead of me, yes I also think men are attractive.This is the ultimate curse of constantly toeing the line, you like both, but both don’t necessarily like you.I have dabbled in online dating for awhile now, and it's not any easier than trying to date in person.

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Now imagine you're filling out a dating profile and you get to the spot which asks you who you're interested in finding; Man or Woman? For most people, it's second nature to just choose one or the other but for us bisexuals it's both, but that’s not an option for a lot of the popular dating sites. This is where I find myself going back and editing my profile every week just to expand my range of choices. I’ve come across so many lesbians who won’t even give me a chance because I identify as Bi, for a few different reasons.

As a twenty-three-year-old, single life isn’t easy.