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04-Sep-2017 18:09

Reporters Without Borders lists Saudi Arabia as an “Enemy of the Internet,” saying last year that “its rigid opposition to the simmering unrest on the Web caused it to tighten its Internet stranglehold even more to stifle all political and social protests.”In the Middle East, three taboos have traditionally drawn the greatest level of censorship: religion, sex, and politics.

Like several other Arab countries, Saudi Arabia has long implemented a ban on pornography and films or websites that show sex or nudity.

“It’s more that the government is flexing its muscles and showing that they’ve got their eyes of the country.”It has yet to be seen whether Saudi Arabia will carry out the proposed bans or—as some local reports suggested—whether the companies themselves would strike a deal with the government.

Requests for comment to Skype, Whatsapp and Viber were not immediately returned. An 11th hour decision averted the ban, but the government declined to provide any details behind the negotiations.

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