Can an extrovert dating an introvert

24-Oct-2017 00:02

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Some extroverts are both at once, and others will be one or the other. was an introvert, for example), but that social magnetism that some people have is often a sure sign that they are extroverts.This kind of extrovert might be the person in a meeting with the I-won’t-take-no-for-an-answer attitude who uses charm and force of personality to get results, rather than power point presentations and a preponderance of information.He travels for work and Diane is content to stay home. And while Diane is going out more than she used to, Mike is finding it fun to stay home and cozy up with family now and then.Diane also figured out quickly that Mike, as an extrovert, needs to have a plan.She is simply rude and probably has low self-esteem.Also, pressured speech (when someone stop talking) is rarely evidence of a personality type and more often a symptom of something else.

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And it does not help for an extrovert to push his introverted partner to “have people over more.”You can do things separately without damaging the relationship, especially if it is important to your personal wellbeing. Diane likes to be at home, occasionally seeing one or two close friends, while Mike craves the liveliness of his pick-up basketball games and drinking beers with his friends afterwards.He gets bored and antsy if he does not know what they are going to do on Saturday afternoon.And for his part, Mike knows that Diane refuels by being alone, so he gives her the space she needs. Two extroverts can work well together with less negotiating, perhaps, since they both delight in similar situations and desire certain levels of activity and socialization.If you do neglect them, the relationship is, by definition, imbalanced, and that does not help anyone!

Regardless of whether you are in an “alike” relationship or if your partner is on the other end of the spectrum, finding fulfillment is about balancing your needs with the needs of the relationship.

However, two of this typically high-energy type in a relationship can lead to overload or increased stress.